Wang Zhi One Piece reddit spoiler Rocky Port incident (dead or not)

Wang Zhi One Piece leaked reddit and Twitter? Rocky Port incident explained here. 

Wang Zhi is highly popular as the black samurai. He was actually the samurai once upon a time who was exiled for a lot of his crimes. He was from the Wanon country. He had led a lot of attacks and had walked through the seas and oceans to team up and there were a few in the world who would come to his level.

He had actually even joined the Wraith Pirates. He had even served in it as one of the top members there. There was also a bounty to get him and that was around 214,000,000 which was huge and showed how strong this person is.

How Wang Zhi looked?

Wang Zhi used to look very skinny, and built thin, and tall. He had a tan skin. He used wear sakura pellats and black kimono. He had his own share of body that was decorated with skulls around it show his character pretty dark in terms of anime.

Wang Zhi personality

Wang Zhi never used to respect anyone who was weaker than him. He had even gone on to kill his own teammates who used to look weak. He was a samurai who quickly turned a criminal after doing multiple crimes.

He had never even given up while fighting and would find it hard to digest once he used to loss. He never followed any sort of laws.

Wang Zhi dead

As per the latest leaks reported in Twitter he is dead and that can bring a twist in new One Piece Chapter as of now. We are also curious to find out how much true it is and how he has died. Being a warrior he must have died bravely and that is interesting to find out more about that. Let us stay glued to the latest episode.

The spoilers are leaked on the reddit and fans are curious of the Wang Zhi.

Wang Zhi from One Piece

The Japanese name for this pirate, Ochoku means “the one who loves peace.” It’s not hard to see how they were able to acquire such an honorific moniker when you look at their crimes against humanity. Thesemen committed acts so atrocious that even the Chinese government sought out revenge on them centuries later.

One Piece chapter 1060 spoilers will be released soon and upcoming chapter will reveal more characters.

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