Watch T-Ache’s Hilarious TikTok About His Instagram Messages


I swear!! I’m just seeing all of these messages and mentions TODAY !!!! How do I apologize super? Press conference? Citizens’ Assembly? I’m stupid

♬ Monkeys Turning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Did you know all of your DMs on Instagram don’t go straight to your inbox? Apparently, T-Pain didn’t do this. In a hilarious TikTok posted on Wednesday, the rapper documented his reaction to the fact that Instagram actually has a separate requirements folder for people he doesn’t follow. While my personal request folder is filled with spam and is the big star of T-Pain, its folder is actually filled with messages from celebrities like Fergie, Viola Davis, and Diplo. “I’ve accidentally ignored all of these people for about 2 years,” he wrote on the video. “How do I apologize super? Press conference? Town hall meeting? I’m stupid,” he continued in the caption. To be honest, my vote is for a town hall meeting. That would be amazing. Check out his fun video above.

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