Watch The Bachelor Season 25 Promos and Trailers

This season of The bachelor shouldn’t start until next year, but it’s already a sucker. The season kicked off in June with the surprise reveal of Matt James as the leading man, the first black bachelor the franchise ever had. Fans were nervous that the show’s production was going to be delayed like it was on season 16 The Bachelorette due to COVID-19, but thanks to ABC’s careful planning, we’re getting Bachelor Fix out on time shortly after Tayshia Adams finishes her reign as a Bachelorette.

ABC got its first official look at Matt’s season on November 17th, and while it’s short, it promises to be tons of fun! There’s the usual footage of women pouring over Matt (he’s understandably a handsome man), women arguing about Matt, and of course Matt at various stages of undressing – all to the bopastic tune of Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue discontinued 1993 classic “Whatta Man”. The network quickly followed suit with one Bachelorette / Bachelor Teaser on November 23rd and a quick look after The Bachelorette The season finale on December 22nd, which showed that Matt’s season is definitely not going to be without drama. This franchise knows how to give people what they want! Look forward to the upcoming season, which will air on January 4th with all published teasers.

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