Web Outraged by Instagram Mannequin Who Tattooed Her Pet Cat

A Ukrainian fitness model was targeted by animal lovers after photos of her tattooed pet Sphynx went viral on social media.

Elena Ivanickaya, a fitness enthusiast and Instagram model, first sparked controversy in 2017 when she announced that she had tattooed her hairless pet cat, Yasha, and even posted photos of the sedated animal during the procedure. Her decision was labeled animal cruelty and caused so much outrage that the story eventually made international headlines. But instead of backing off and letting things blow up, Ivanickaya defended her decision and continued to post photos of the tattooed cat on her social media post. These images recently went viral again and people are again showering the Ukrainian with criticism.

Photo: Elena Ivanickaya / Instagram

“This cat’s life is better than yours. Maybe it’s hell for you, but he’s fine. He was not neutered and never will be, that would be real cruelty, “Elena Ivanickaya suggested to her critics in 2017.” I checked with the vet before I got him a tattoo and they agreed and a vet was present when they did the tattoo so everything was under control. “

The blonde bombshell that the needle of the tattoo gun only penetrated 1-2 millimeters into Yasha’s skin and that he felt no pain during or after the procedure. Elena added that immediately after the tattooing, the hairless cat began to behave normally and continued with its normal routine.

However, people were not convinced of her rhetoric back then, and they certainly feel no different now, as the photos of the tattooed Yasha went viral again. Animal-loving Instagram users have inundated Ivanickaya’s comment section with criticism, accusing her of animal cruelty and urging the authorities to take action against her.

“This is not okay, delete this and seek professional help. Wow. Someone is coming to save this poor baby, ”wrote one woman.

“This is animal abuse,” commented someone else.

“I don’t see how you can do this to your cat if you don’t even have tattoos. Did you think this would give you more followers on the spot? You are a hypocrite, you deserve to have your cat stolen from you, ”commented one indignant person.

Despite the backlash, Elena Ivanickaya doesn’t seem to have remained remorseful. She has not yet addressed the allegations, but the mere fact that she has continued to post pictures of the tattooed Sphynx cat and not abolished a single one speaks for itself.

Interestingly, this controversial pet tattooing trend is not new. We first treated it in 2012 when a Russian tattoo artist had his pet cat tattooed, and in 2017 when another tattoo artist, also from Russia, tattooed his pet Sphynx and was also criticized.

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