Weddle NFL Wordle Game – How to play Unlimited NFL Puzzle?

Weddle Game Daily Answers and Today Hints

We have already talked about mini Nerdle game and Poeltl Wordle game. Here we come up with new web based game which Weddle game based on the theme of NFL. These all games which we have mentioned are somewhat alike like all these games are the modified version of the Wordle and Nerdle game. All are link with solving the puzzles. Poeltl deals with NBA while mini Nerdle deals with Mathematical operations. Now we have to look about this new Weddle NFL Wordle game. What this game is all about?

What is Weddle Wordle Game?

Alike Mini Nerdle and Poeltl, the game is also a puzzle game. This game is become world popular in the beginning of 2022. The game covers the headlines of The New York Times too. This game is web based world game. This game is all about guessing. You have to guess the five letter word within six/eight attempts. You might be thinking why the word NFL is here? So we can answer your question within a minute. The name is given after the Eric Steven Weddle, under an American Football Safety, who has spent 14 seasons in National Football League. In this game you have to find the name of NFL player unlike Wordle where NBA player.

It is a NFL guess based puzzle

As told you, the game is all about guessing the NFL player name. Here also the colour indicates your successful attempts. Green squares will indicate the correct attempt; yellow will indicate the correct letter but in wrong location and Gray will indicate the wrong letter in the word. The game is best to check your knowledge about the player’s name of National Football League. You can best utilize your spare time here.

How to play the game?

You will get the hint of the answer as the answer would be the current fantasy player, so the player would only be wide receivers, running backs, quarterbacks and tight ends. The game consists of six columns Team, division, post, height, age and weight column.

You can get the link for download from its official website. So what you guys are waiting for go and play this interesting game soon.

It is a very interesting game based on guessing the name of the NFL player. You will be given 8 guesses to find the name of the player. It is very much similar to the game Poeltl.

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