West Ham Kurt Zouma Cat Kicking video on Facebook: Petition filed

People around the world spread their love towards their pets. They not just care about their own pets but even for those who doesn’t have a shelter. But recently, a video got viral all around the internet. It showed Kurt Zouma kicking and toying around with his cat. This was an unexpected behavior from the celebrity. People started slashing tons of comments against the person on his inappropriate behavior. Let’s see what exactly the scenario that made Kurt do it.

Kurt Zouma is a West Ham star, currently his age is 27 years old. He is supposed to be a humble person. But people had no idea about this behavior. Later on, for any reason, it is not acceptable to hurt a cat or pet. We can see some dreadful scenes in the video. It is said that, Kurt is doing this unacceptable act, while is brother is shooting it. They had no idea about the consequences it may cause after the video been release on social media.

There isn’t a single reason behind Kurt hurting the cat. In the video, we can see Kurt dropping his cat mid-way in air and booting it. Later, he petrified the cat scrambling all over the floor. Right now netizens aren’t taking this act and behavior lightly. They are lashing the internet with negative comments. It looks like Kurt fame has been dropping significantly after it.

But later this evening, Kurt brought up an apologizing message on internet. “I want to apologize for my actions. There are no excuses for my behavior, which I sincerely lament. I also want to say how deeply sorry I am to anyone who was disturbed by the video. “I would like to ensure everyone that our 2 cats are perfectly healthy and fine. They are cherished and loved by our whole family, and this behavior was an isolated incident that will not occur again.”

West Ham clearly stated to take up action against him. They even stated that, they do not support or encourage animal cruelty in any way.

The player never expected that video will hit to the social media platforms in no time. Many fans expressed their anger over viral clip. Even it is also been heard that petition filed against the footballer after this incident. The things are becoming worse for player. The club already took action against the player. Kurt Zouma may also face the legal trouble for it.

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