What are Lottie Moss leaked photos? Sobs and reveals phone number

A former friend has betrayed Lottie Moss. The blonde, who is a half-sister to catwalk queen Kate Moss, turned to social media to share a video of herself bawling her eyes out after learning of an ex-nefarious friend’s plot.
Lottie, a content producer, wept as she informed her fans that the person had disclosed her phone number online and labeled them “a terrible human being” after discovering that they had been encouraging individuals to post her X-rated images online. Read the full story of Lottie Moss.

What happened with Lottie Moss?

A concerned admirer revealed the nefarious scheme to the 23-year-followers old’s in a direct message, she said.

“He’s telling the males in the group chat to subscribe to your profile and leak the photographs to your mother’s Instagram,” the message stated.

Lottie, who earlier bragged that she makes thousands of dollars each month on Onlyf platform, then said that her phone number was posted without her knowledge and that she has started receiving calls via strangers as a result.

Lottie Moss as a star

Lottie’s racy content is available to fans who spend £14/$20 a month & could pay the bill of £1,000 for a naked film.

Those who are ardent followers of her could pay an extra £50/$70 to be allowed to message her on the app.

According to The Sun, Lottie started her career last year after posting photos to a similar website called Dream.

The newspaper received a bombshell: I’m not doing as much modeling as I used to because I’m doing more such stuff now. It’s something I appreciate.

However, she stated that sites and similar services are frowned upon by the modeling profession. Since then, her modeling agency, Storm Modeling, has dumped her.

On Jamie Laing’s podcast, Private Parts, Lottie recently discussed her role as an celebrity.

Lottie Moss Pictures

Lottie Moss expressed her concern on this incident by releasing a official statement. Her pictures were uploaded to the different social media platforms like Twitter, reddit, etc. She broke down in tears and revealed her phone number which was shared online by someone who close to her. Lottie expressed her concern on this incident and urged fans to support her in this tough time.

As we can see that there are number of pictures which gone viral on social media. Looks like it is an old-revenge action. She is a professional model and the latest leaks can affect her professional career.

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