What does story time and crop mean on Tiktok? Explained

What does crop mean on tiktok? Read here explanation of the new trend

Tiktok is ruling the world of reels in a huge manner. Nowadays there is a trend you might have noticed if you are a frequent Tiktok user. You might observe people commenting on two terms much more nowadays, that is storytime and crop. That is what we need to decode. We need to know what they are exactly. So, let us know more about these two words, by diving deep into the world of Tiktok.

The TikTok platform is a place where people are getting famous with the help of the videos they post on their accounts. As far as you are not crossing the line and becoming famous as well as trending well you are absolutely doing well in Tiktok. Everyone is curios to know the meaning on the new Tiktok crop trend.

Why people are commenting on storytime and crop on Tiktok?

You must have already marked the people are in huge numbers using Storytime and crop terms in the comment sections of many reels. They usually do it when they see videos of other people.

Although this trend has caught some fire and has got famous still then very few people know about it. Very few people know the real reason behind it and this article is going to disclose it.

If people are saying crop, they are mostly saying this term to ask the content creator to cut down the content as it might be lengthy or it might be like only a very small part is something that people actually found desirable in the whole piece of content.

Storytime is used as slang or a joke for the videos that are going viral and this has become a part of the new trend. This is perfectly asking for the real interface of the content that is getting uploaded. When decoded it is sounding simple but yet many did not know it.

What does crop trend mean?

The users of Tiktok are enjoying this new trend and also sharing it with others on social media. This is something special which everyone is following on Tiktok. There are two terms which are linked to each other: crop and story time. In both the cases, user ask to the content creator for this trend. This week this crop term is going crazy among the Tiktok users.

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