What is Kenah Huggins Story, video and death cause

Kenah Huggins Story and Death Cause

This is the story of Kenah Huggins, who got swept down by a river at El Yunque. The video emerged on the reddit and social media of the incident. The video of Kenah Huggins is going on the social media. It is an old video of woman who fell down on the river and got swept. The 2012 incident caught on the camera and came into trend again because of terrifying moment. Kenah’s friend caught the moment when she was being swept away by a fast-flowing river, then fell down in an attempt to take pictures near waterfall.

About Kenah Huggins

Kenah Huggins, 35 years old woman who accidentally fell into the river while taking pictures with friends. The quick currents swept her away but they were watching helplessly as it all happened right in front them.
We could find the message everywhere about this incident. Those who watched the full video are sharing their reactions and terrifying moment of the incident. The video was shared on the reddit which later became viral in the users. It was first emerged in the group and later shared by the different users.

The 35-year old was with her friends when they visited the tropical rainforest in Puerto Rico. She posed near a waterfall and later disappeared, but it is unknown if she died or went missing while there. Her body turned up months after on an island called Mountain Park where searchers found pieces of clothing that may belong to this beautiful soul who has now left our world too soon.”

Kenah Huggins Video

Carmen Winstead is the user who shared this video to the group. However if you are on Reddit then there’s no problem at all because this site allows for more freedom in what can be posted and seen. It cannot be viewed to the public users on platform as many social media platforms don’t comply policies with such graphic content.

Kenah Huggins Death

We know how hard it is when someone close goes through something like this, especially since they had been through such an awful time before and you were able prevent any further tragedy from happening by being there for them during these trying moments in their life span.

The video is not available on Tiktok and Youtube. Users are sharing it in the private groups and forums and  people are discussing about it through Twitter and TikTok.

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