What is Menace Cult? Devil Emoji on Tiktok

Tiktok is filled with crazy trends and amazing content creators. The new trend on the Tiktok is the Menace Cult. What is it? And why it is so trendy in the users. Lots of users are confused of this new trend. Tiktok always bring crazy things which goes viral in community. It has both positive and negative impacts. Generally the cult is thing to stay away from. But here is not the case. It is a group on the Tiktok who are using Devil emoji on profile to gain the followers counts on the profile. This is something different going on to get the new audiences and fans on Tiktok.

What is Menace Cult?

Menace Cult is the new Tiktok viral trend among Tiktok users where anyone can join the group of members by changing the profile picture to devil emoji. It is also being called by name Tiktok devil emoji challenge. It is a general group of the members who are supporting each other. By this way one can reach to the new followers and fans to the profile. This is the basic idea behind the trend. You can also use the “Ryte Night” by NBA Youngboy song in the post to encourage other users.

Use the song on Tiktok

The members can also make use of the same song in the profile. But the users different music of the rappers on the trend. To upload the devil emoji on profile, one can use any preferred version of emoji. There is no restriction to use same kind of devil emoji.

We had seen many content creators and users are participating in it. This looks something unique in the beginning. Do you want to know how this started? And from where it came? Follow on to get all answers of these queries.

How this trend started?

There is no clear point how this trend emerged and started on Tiktok. There are clues that it begin as ‘Vegeta Cult’ but with time it changed to ‘Menace Cult’. Till this time, millions of users have used this emoji trend and hashtag on tikok. You can check this into the top trend of Tiktok. Hence, the origin is not clear. Looks like it was started by group of people. And rapidly it became viral in the fans.

It will be interesting to see how long this Menace cult trend lasts. Probably it will disappear within one month.

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