What is Scream tiktok cult? Ghostface pfp smoking explained

The latest Cult of Ghostface is now Trending on Tiktok

We can say that, Tiktok cults took revive again with the latest trend of “Ghostface” the update is that in January 2022, a horror movie is expected to release on that celebration TikTok had started as a new promoting video for the latest coming soon movie named “Scream” by the appearance of Ghostface cult.

Everyone is confused about the Ghostface cult, as many of them are setting up their Tiktok profiles with a ghost face. Usually, the word “cult” among the social media platforms will not refer to anything beyond the dangerous. Cult is a word that is carried by the Tiktok user groups who share the content and same values.

Since the last few months, ‘Step chicken’s cult’ had become viral and this cult is characterized by the blue profile picture and now Ghostface cult is overruling the Tiktok with more viral videos.

Ghostface Cult

People may think about what does Ghostface cult means on Tiktok, actual story behind is, it is a pure promotion for the series named “scream” which is going to be released in January of 2022. This trend went viral during Halloween, from there many people started sharing the videos and pictures by representing the series.
Some famous content creators had dressed up like haunting characters to increase their following on Tiktok.
Tiktok platform is home for most creators and we can say that Tiktok is the most bizarre trend compared to other social platforms which had taken over the word cult as their brand ambassador.

Tiktok users who are with lowest followers are utilizing the Ghostface cult to increase their followers and fans. Many people recognize that this cult trend is a perfect fit for the Halloween festival.

How Can We Join Scream Cult Trend?

scream pfp

Tiktok users will have an advantage during the latest cults, to join the latest cult trends in Tiktok we have to follow the viral steps for taking a video and posting it. To join the Ghostface cult, many people are using the Ghostface as a character and updating their profile pictures with it. After updating the profile, users should share content videos related to trending hashtags followed by the cult name like #ghostface, #ghostfacetrend, and #ghostfacecult. We can add hashtags to make the video more viral.

The users are loving this new challenge and trying to attempt it in their own way.

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