What is Thirdle word game? How to play it? Answer and Hints

Thirdle is new easy to play words puzzle game. How to play it online?

We all know about the popular words puzzle games which are in trend these days among the puzzle solvers. Thirdle is the new name to the list. Already we have seen more than 50 versions of the game and other types. So, what’s different with Thirdle game. The main objective of the game is to guess  the 3-letter word in three turns. Also it provides the separate score card or statistics cards to the players. It is simply an advanced version of the puzzle games.

What is Thirdle game?

We hope this game will be interesting and fun loving to play. Thirdle is another game added in the list. Even we will provide you the website in which you can easily play the game. As we have already made article on different version of WORDLE. Thirdle is the new variant packed with new rules and way to play this game. It is really amazing that the simple puzzle game which is good review from the players all around the world.

How to play Thirdle game?

Thirdle or triple, sounds alike. This is the new most version of WORDLE puzzle. Where you have to solve the three puzzles together. The game is little bit different from Dordle and Quardle. If you guess the right three words. You can share your results on social media too. You can give challenge to your friends too. I will tell you about the rules which engulf trifle game and from where you can download it.

Basic rules of the game

The game is easily available and accessible on its official website. The game. There are certain rules which engulf this game. You get the 8 chances to play this game. You will have to enter three words simultaneously on each block. Three different colors will represent the boxes. If your letter guess is right then the box color will change to green which tell you that your letter and place is correct, if the box color will change to orange, it will tell you the correct letter but at wrong place and if the box Color will change to black, it will tell you that you have guess the wring letter. Well, the game is easy to play. It will increase your knowledge and curiosity. Well you can only play this game once in a day.

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