What is Xooos real name? Age, Instagram (Kim Soo Yeon)

Xooos real name is Kim Soo Yeon, she was previously known as ‘In A’ (in the professional world). She was born on 7th of May 1994, which means she is currently 27 years old. Kim was born in South Korea, and is currently working with Tajoy Entertainment. She is 172cm tall and weighs around 49kg. She pursued her career as Singer and Actress. As per her birthday, Kim Soo Yeon is a Taurus (zodiac sign). As per Chinese zodiac sign, she is a Rooster.

Xooos Age

Kim Soo Yeon, popularly known as ‘Xooos’ has taken her acting career in a very young age. Her famous dramas that she took part in are: Risky Romance (in the year 2018), My Wife’s having an Affair this week (in the year 2016), Respond (in the year 2015), and The Producers (in the year 2015). This clearly depicts her dedication of taking things perfectly and carefully.

Xooos on TV

She also has been a part of TV programs such as MIXNINE (in the year 2017), and Gag Concert (in the year 2016).

Apart from acting career, Xooos has performed in two music videos, MC the Max (in the year 2020) and God – Saturday Night (in the year 2014).
Kim Soo Yeon aka Xooos took part in advertisement at the 18th Pifan/Bifan (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival).

This very much sums up all her professional and career stages. She came into industry in the year 2014, beginning with a music video and slowly took stage in TV programs and Dramas.

Other information

Kim Soo Yean aka Xooos has studied from the Kookmin University pursuing degree in Department of Sociology. Her first debut as a solo artist was made on January 3rd 2017, she released her single ‘Rainbow’.


We have almost no information relating to Xooos personal family life. We are aware that she was born in South Korea, and her parents live in the same place. She keeps her family profile low, and we may be getting more information about the actress soon.

Xooos Instagram

Xooos has large number of followers on her Instagram profile. At this time, she has 219K fan on her profile. The young teen makes lot of interesting videos on YouTube and get millions views. She has good number of subscribers on her Youtube channel too. Xooos current net worth isn’t calculated. Her popularity is growing in young fans. Her net worth will be here soon.

So make sure to stay tuned with us for more info.

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