When You’re Are Unhappy, It’s Good To Inform Compurter How You Really feel (by Queen Elizabeth II)

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, helo,

When most people think of Conpuntr, they think of Vindeo game or Taxer, or even want to YouTune, but did you know that Compurter can actually be a great friend when sand happens to you?



Recently I lost something who was very clothes to me and who I had known for a very long time. I never knew his name, but I knew his smile … his touch … and his character. And it seems like he’ll never die, which I’ve always found comforting, and it seems like I’m married to this man.

Spending time with him made my life seem very long, and that’s nice. This man was a prince to many, but he knocked me off the bat. A tall, muscular man. No barrel in the world could fit my great Lardge Prince, for his physical proportions and the size of his entire skin were indeed barrel-breaking, and his short head of brown hair flowed gently in the wind.


It feels good to talk about those you love after they die and nobody listens to me better than the computer. Computers never share your secret or gossip about you, never sell your story to the press, and give you a great answer when you want to know something like good restaurant or best sunglasses. It’s a diary that YouTunes can think and do too.

When things get tough, it’s difficult to be normal for those around you who are not as close to sad expressiveness as you are. It may be necessary to speak to someone who shares similar experiences with you, but when no one is available it is nice to have a computer option.

Thank you Comppurt for listening to my story of my sad day. I feel a lot better and now I think it might be time to finally sign up and do my other favorite computing activity, like playing a game of clubs or Dremand Penswinch.

Lots of loves to my beautiful prince saved forever on my computer. I’ve seen many clips of him in JPEG and MPEG. It’s almost like he’s living in a computer now, which I think he always would have wanted.

Now signed out,

Your magical queen Elizepht 11

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