Who is _alejandrogamboa Tiktok star? Twitter, age and video


Alejandro Gamboa is a famous tiktoker, recently he went viral in TikTok overnight because of a video. In this viral era, every person is going viral with a small incident that is happening on social media. Most of the people are very eager about what other people are doing and making people famous in the same way this time Alejandro Gamboa became viral overnight. The video which went viral is now acquired with more than 195k likes and these likes have increased overnight.

Who is Alejandro Gamboa?

Alejandro Gamboa became overnight famous because of one video, that video represents the gender reveal video. That video is basically a reply video for one of the comments, that comment asks about that is he transgender and Alejandro Gamboa gives a reply that I’m not transgender and by personal’s are available on the Twitter platform. Now all of his fans are searching for Alejandro Gamboa on the Twitter platform to see his photos and videos. Now all the people are eager to know about him.

Alejandro Gamboa Age

Alejandro Gamboa is the real name but he kept his profile name as “Alejandrogamboa” and some source says that he is 15 years old by his looks. He was born on February 4th in 2007 in Mexico City. his zodiac sign is Aquarius. Many people say that he is from the family of a famous director. But he never revealed this on social media. When he received rumors that he is transgender by giving a savage reply he became famous over social media. Many of his fans say that he is studying high school right now.

Tik tok star career

Alejandro Gamboa started his career as a normal tik tok by lip-syncing videos and other entertaining videos, after becoming famous through a video. Now he has become one of the social influencers. Right now he owns more than 3.7k followers on the TikTok platform.

Relationship Status

Alejandro Gamboa never revealed details about his family and friends in public or in any of his videos.

Some sources say that he is still a high school kid and has not yet started income. Stay in touch to know more information about Alejandro Gamboa.

The star got lot of fans and views on the latest videos on Twitter. Her recent clips received buzz on social media. Also there are fake rumors circulating in fans about his personal life and identity on web.

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