Who is Aaron Christopher Kelly Richland and Justin Krumbah? Shooting CCTV Footage Video

It cannot be a simple day if you expect for a peaceful evening. One such incident took place when Justin Krumbah was shot dead by a person named Aaron Christopher Kelly. The news went around like a wild fire as people wanted to know about the status of the person. They wanted to know if the person is arrested or not. Reason behind this trembling steps of people is because the enforcement tagged Aaron has ‘Armed and dangerous’.

Who is Aaron Christopher Kelly?

Aaron Christopher Kelly is an accused of shooting and killing Justin Krumbah. He even shot and injured an employee from the store. After the shooting, Aaron flew from the site. The authorities took over the investigation. They then alarmed the public that Aaron is armed and can be dangerous. The current status is, Aaron is arrested. People from the locality have a sigh of relief after knowing that the person is arrested for his deeds. He is currently taken to the Benton County Jail.

After Aaron flew from the scene, the police were alarmed about this situation. They started searching for Aaron and after a long search they got the information about him driving a 2005 model Honda Civic. They then took an arrest warrant against Aaron for first degree murder and first degree attempt to murder. After a long chase, Aaron was caught driving the vehicle with license plate no. BXC3305.

Justin Krumbah and CCTV footage

If we look at the CCTV footage from the crime site, it is clearly visible that Aaron had a spat with Justin. We are not aware of the reason behind the situation taking heat. Aaron is wearing a black vest over his sleeve long shirt. After a verbal spat, Aaron took out a gun and shot Justin. In the chase, an employee from the store got injured. We are not aware about the reason behind this spat, was it intentional? Was it planned? Was someone targeted? Currently there is no information from authority relating the same. But by grace, the accused is spending time behind bar for his unforgiveable act of killing an innocent.

Who has been arrested?

Police arrested the suspected man in this shooting incident. Police and agency are working and investigating to find the evidences and clues behind the shooting. The report will be available soon in this latest shooting incident. As per the reports, two people shot dead on the scene.

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