Who is Abigail Elphick? Facebook, Instagram and Viral Video

The new video gone viral on the internet is from the United States titled with just one name ‘Karen’. This is new trend video shared on the Twitter which got re-tweeted over thousands and watched by many. What is it? A lot of users reacted on this video in which a line can be heard reputedly “get her away from me Karen”. The original video has been uploaded by the Ijeoma Ukenta. Many uses claimed that the video is from the the ‘Victoria’s secret branch in new Jersey’. Is this video really surfaced from the New Jersey. Look more quick facts check of this video.

Who is Abigail Elphick?

The various media reports covered the story of the Abigail Elphick after the video gone viral on the social media. The original video was posted on the Tiktok but later it got deleted and removed from platform. Now many videos titled ‘Karen’ emerged out on the Twitter and YouTube. It is guessed that Abigail is the women in the video. The things are not cleared because of shouting in video. It is unclear who is making this video with reference name. Users are sharing the different point of views on this video. But the reality or truth is still covered.

Vitoria’s Secret Karen Viral

It can be clearly seen in the video that one women is trying to attack on the other women. Nobody came to help and support her. This sparked a new controversy on the social media and might this matter reach to the police officials. One user posted that the women in the video is of the Black Muslimah Nigerian origin. This bad behavioral treatment is done by the white race women. There are so many angles and stories emerging based on this video.

Ijeoma Ukenta posted video

The new video posted by the Ijeoma Ukenta on the Twitter account. It is claimed that Ukenta is a Black woman who is seen in this video went viral on the internet. This incident took place in Victoria’s Secret outlet which is located in Short Hills Mall, New Jersey. In no time, the online users came in the support and reacted on this video.

The official Insta and facebook profiles of the Abigail Elphick are not discovered yet. Very less details are accumulated from the web on this women. The account which posted this video on Tiktok has been closed now.

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