Who is Ana Jalandoni ex-husband name? Kit Thompson Case

Who Was Filipino Actress Ana Jalandoni Ex Husband? Details On Boyfriend Kit Thompson Issue About Beating Her

Well, well, well some news is popping up in the entertainment world. The thing is, Ana Jalandoni has recently admitted that she had married her ex-husband before coming into a relationship with legendary Kit Thompson.

If you are an international reader and doubting who is this lady we are talking about, then you are in for a professional growth treat with sketchy personal life being another spicy ingredient of her life. This lady is a professional actress, highly acknowledged social media celebrity, model, and entrepreneur who is actually originally from the Asian country, Philippines but well is she equally famous in the United States too.

This celebrity has already established herself well in the entertainment industry and is highly skillful in any professional work she does. She has friends in the industry not only because of her skills and fame but also due to her kind heart and friendly nature.

Ana Jalandoni admitted her past

This celebrity has admitted that she was already married when she started dating the handsome Kit Thompson. As of now here, her relationship with Kit is going well as that past did not affect her current boyfriend at all. That is very sweet to be true, but that is what we call love.

Who was the ex-husband of Ana Jalandoni?

In recent interviews, she had talked about the past, and that included topics about her ex-husband. She has disclosed all but did not disclose any private information regarding him. She said they are complete strangers as of now. So, the name is not known as of now.

The beating row of Kit Thompson

Kit has reportedly harassed and has shown violence against Ana and things went down for them from there. The court proceedings will start soon. Both the parties as of now are tight-lipped and expect the court to favor them.

We all know that celebrities have a unique personality and sketchy personal life. This is because they are not just one thing, but many things at once. As an actress who has been in the business for years you can imagine how complicated this must be to keep up with everything going on around every corner while still making sure your fans get what they want from their favorite performer. We will update more about this case here.

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