Who is boxer Jayson Mama? Boxing, Fight and Boxrec

Who is Jayson Mama?

Jayson Mama is a boxer from the Philippines who currently fights inside the flyweight category. Mama has become a professional player in the past five years.

Jayson Masucol Mama is born at Sta . Cruz, Cotabato del Sur, Philippines, on May 17, 1997. Mama used to have a terrific experience as a child along his twin Jerven Mama, who was born to one Philippino couple.

He finished his education at the local school near Santos. His nationality is Philippines. Jerven Masucol Mama is Jayson’s twin brother. These siblings are boxers who compete upon the pro level. Jerven, popularly known as The Iron Fist, seems to have had a heavy impact on Jayson’s decision to pursue a professional career boxer. These siblings are boxers who compete upon the pro level.

With in Philippines, this explosive tandem duo Jayson-Jerven have won countless boxing competitions. They intend to take over the entire planet. This Mama pair is back to reclaim hearts of people. Jayson is enthralled by new places. He enjoys travelling, and his enthusiasm fuels his desire to visit new areas on vacation.

Mama enjoys himself when he visits to beautiful destinations in the World.

Jayson is 5 ft. 4 inches tall and has a range of 63 inches. He is about 51 kilos in weight.

Boxing Career

This 24-year-old athlete has fought 16 times but has never lost a battle. Jayson is known also As Smasher, while Jerven is known also As Iron Fist. This exemplifies the force in the punch. Jayson is a pro boxer who also is well-known throughout the Philippines. Jayson’s main source of revenue is boxing, although he is additionally backed by a number of well-known brands in philippines.

Net Worth/ Income

Every year, master Smasher makes roughly $7,000 through boxing. Prizes from winning the fight are not included. Jim Claude Organization is presently Jayson’s manager. They are now in a strong position to put Mama sponsorship deals and companies.

Is Jayson Mama Dating?

Jayson, the 24-year-old male, is a gorgeous young man. Many women are enamored with his adorable face. He does, although, have his eyes set on one woman. Jayson has a girlfriend named Baby Lynn. They’ve been together for 4 – 5 years. The two passionate sweethearts are adorable paired. They dine and travel together all over the globe. Jayson owns a motor bike, which he frequently rides with her. There have been no relationship rumors regarding Jayson dating anyone besides Baby prior they started dating

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