Who is Brian Pillman Jr girlfriend? Lost her as revealed in tweet

Brian Pillman Jr is well-known as an American professional wrestler, he is the son of famous wrestler Brian Pillman. Brain Pillman Jr is the second generation of wrestlers. He is also popular for his game in MLW (major league wrestling). Currently, he signed for the AEW (All Elite Wrestling). He lost his girlfriend as he revealed news in the latest tweets.

Wo is Brian Pillman Jr?

In the year 2017, he announced that he wants to walk in the footsteps of his father with a wrestling passion. He has been training since his school days and full-fledged training is received in the Storm wrestling academy in Canada. Once he made a grand show debut with a match of eight men and the team was named “The Varsity Blonds”, on the victory of the match he dedicated the winning moments as a tribute to his father Brian Pillman.

Brian Pillman Jr career

Brian Pillman Jr had attended Dixie Heights High School in Kentucky, he regularly played football in his school days, and in 2011 he graduated from his college education. He did his degree in information systems at Northern Kentucky University.

He was a very good student since his schooling, but when he decided to turn into a professional wrestler like his dad, he was populated by his ring name called “Alex King” He participated in the first match on December 18, 2017. After a year gap, in 2018 he made his debut as a professional wrestler in the Combat zone wrestling competition. After minor competitions, he signed a major contract with MLW (major league wrestling)

Sam Leterna is the girlfriend

Once Brian Pillman Jr has engaged with a girl her name is “Sam Leterna” she is the sports broadcaster, but recently he posted mournful tweets by describing that “he lost his girlfriend and everything” these tweets had left worries among his fans and most of them replied with a positive note. The actual tweet by him was “I just lost everything in a matter of a couple of days, I am so empty I don’t know what to do” now Brain Pillman Jr is single.

Net Worth

Brian Pillman Jr’s net worth is nearly $ 1 to 2 million, now his salary is $100,00. Brian Pillman recently shared the latest tweets on the Twitter in which he shared the loss of his girlfriend. Sam Leterna is the name of his girlfriend. The fans reacted to his story and extended their support to wrestler.

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