Who is Brian Yang? Missing Army Lieutenant found dead

Missing body of first Lt. Brian Yang, 25 found unconscious and unresponsive at Mount St. Helens. Brain Yang was missing a week ago on a trail near Mount St. Helens.

Brian Yang was the first Lieutenant from the Joint Base Lewis McChord. According to the news, he went to that place nearly last Sunday or Monday.

Brian Yang was last seen at the cold water trail at around 12:00 P.M. He was at the training of the upcoming Marathon Event. Investigations were going on from the very right time when he got missing. His car was found at the same day between 9:00 P.M to 10:00 P.M at the coldwater trailhead. Administrators declared large investigation search for missing Lieutenant. 100 volunteers were involved in the investigation, even the aircraft and drones were also used in the search. The search was started when the lieutenant did not come to work on Monday.

On Wednesday, Hikers found an unresponsive body look like the Brian Yang. He was found in the ridge at 2:00 P.M. The area name was 911, on the north side of the mountain in the area Mt. Whittier.

Brian Yang was at the good physical condition. He did not have any health issues. Brian Yard was at the training when this mishappening takes place. He felled down from the steep embankment which was around the distance of 200 feet.

The Army first Corps announced Yang’s death on twitter. He was showing his grief and condolence to the Yang. He further twitted that he will be missed. His sister Lor was giving all update about her brother through social media platform Facebook. At last she posted, after the death of her brother was announced. She said “the search for his brother is end now and she had still not believe that she has lost her brother, she further say thanks to all the persons who helped in this rescue operation. She also say thanks to all the one who were with her family in this worst situation.

The matter is under the investigation by the special forces. It is not allowed to reveal all the sensitive information of the case to the public. The news came out from the Twitter where death was announced by the army.

The detailed report will be sent to the high command after the investigation and proofs in this case. Is he died naturally or something happened to him? The truth and facts will come out soon.

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