Who is Callux ex-girlfriend Sarah? Why they broke up each other?

Relations are really delicate topics and they can shatter anyone’s heart within moments. One such situation took place recently when British Youtube favourite coupe, Callux and Sarah Close broke up. People love to read online love stories especially of celebrities. They get attach to the content that they make together and feelings that bond them over and over.

What happened with Callux and Sarah that they broke up? As hurtful as it was during the time of Liza Koshy and David Dobrik. When the couple broke up, it just shatter the heart of each individual. People couldn’t believe on the news of Callux and Sarah breaking up. The couple recently posted a lengthy video on why they broke up.

Callux real name is Callum Aaron McGinley, he is 27 years old and started dating Sarah Close, 24 years, in January 2014. The couple has been patched along since long time then. They kept their relation public and shared couple goals content on internet very often. The couple was matched with hearts of viewers. But their breaking up video was heart shattering.

The couple shared the reason that due to recent events that took place such as family people passing away, and so on. It has become really difficult for them to tag along. One can only share love when they find it in themselves. As Sarah quoted, ‘life changing situations’, she needs time to herself to find what she needs in life. This is fair enough as even though two people can love each other deeply, they tend to find peace internally.

Callux shared the same reason. They both tend to mutually broke up. The couple said that they had great understanding during their breakup moments. Which is really good. They got broke up over two bowl of ramen. Both were crying over the situation, but they still stayed strong to share their feelings to the public.

Callux shared how much Sarah is important to her, and will be caring her even after this break up, love surely doesn’t have any bounds. Callux is a well-known Youtuber who used to be in the headlines for his relationship and dating life. He mentioned about his girlfriend many times in the videos and live stream chats. As per rumors, he is broke up with his ex-girlfriend.

The Callux’s total net worth is $2 million which he made from streaming and Youtube videos monetization. He is content creator on social media.

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