Who is Cataleya Buttrom? Missing 2-year old found safe

Cataleya Buttrom is a 2-year-old girl, she lives in Georgia. The source is that she was found safe after she was kidnapped. The whole amber alert happened to cancel the missing case after she was found. This alert reached throughout the country of Bartow northwest in Atlanta.

After an investigation about who kidnapped her, a boy named “Ricky Lee Buttrom” is filed as the main suspect of this missing case” after Cataleya was found police didn’t reveal the immediate details of where she was found and how the incident happened. Cataleya was around 2 pounds of weight. Family details were not revealed because by knowing more personal details she might get kidnapped again after she was found. Officials requested the public to intimate the information anything related to the girl’s missing case.

Who is Ricky Lee Buttrom?

Ricky was the major suspect in the disappearance of a 2-year-old girl. When this kid went missing, the news became very sensational and viral throughout the internet. This news has snatched time and attention from everyone because this news was officially broken out on social media by officials. Exactly on 1st December 2021, Cataleya went missing because she was kidnapped by someone. Netizens are in shock that someone can kidnap a 2-year-old girl and are praying for that little girl’s safety to come back. Lots of strength to her parents because they went through a very tough time. After police started their investigation, they revealed the name of the kidnapper “Ricky Lee Buttrom”. He was 6 feet and 7 inches tall with dreadlocks. He was a very young and black man with a weight of 193 pounds. Officials said that he is 25-years-old.

The girl found safe in the city. The family appreciating the effort of the police and their investigating team.

Missing Incident

When Cataleya went missing, the National center for missing and exploited children gave a faster response to the incident, and the kidnapper’s name was also disclosed within a very less time. When the amber alert was created for the girl search, he was spotted with a blue car driving, the car model is Toyota Rav4 20197, blue color with a hanging Georgia tag of CPF9791. But a pause, in this case, happened because the missing girl and the kidnapper were sharing the same name “Buttrom” police are still finding more details about the secret and relationship between them. Stay connected with us to know more details and updates.

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