Who is David Regoli? Obituary, death, wife and family

David Regoli worked as a judge in a law office of the Westmoreland County Court of the Common Pleas in Pennsylvania, now he is working as an Attorney at a law office in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States. He used all his courtroom experience as a defense lawyer and plaintiff lawyer in civil courts with a unique representation. He is famous for advising the best possible outcomes for every problem.

David Regoli Age

David Regoli was appointed as Republican Governor Tom Corbett in 2014, 20th June under the term of 2015. He completed his 10 years term service in the court till 2015. He won the democratic primary and got defeated when he participated in the general election in 2015, 3rd November. In the courtroom, he defended many cases daily and people who are charged for committing the criminal offenses are not offered attorneys. In his three years, many dozens of verdicts appeared which are included drug offenses, sex-related crimes, homicide, rape, driving under influence, firearm violations, robbery, burglary, etc.

Education and Degree

David Regoli completed his bachelor’s degree in public communication in 1988 from Arizona state university and completed his J.D. in 1991 from Ohio Northern University. He received many awards for his workings such as Allegheny County Bar Association, Pennsylvania Association of Trial Lawyers, State Bar of Arizona, Sons of Italy, Life member in national Rifle Association, Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association, Westmoreland County Bar Association, Westmoreland Columbus 500, and Pennsylvania Bar Association.


David Regoli started his legal career as a law clerk for Paul Zavarella, President Judge of Allegheny County Court in Common Pleas in the year 1991. He has enough experience as a law clerk for many years and the young attorney had decided to give up his dream job as a trial attorney and after he was appointed as a part-time public defender. In his entire career, he handled civil cases of all types in the courtroom. He also worked in many counties across Pennsylvania. He also attempted to verdict civil cases in all the courtrooms of Pennsylvania. After his struggle of 23 years in 2016, he began his career as a judge.

David Regoli never revealed his private life.

Death News

We are hearing some sort of death news of David Regoli and obituary has been shared on the social media. No confirmed news yet by family and family regarding this. The post will get updated when we have sufficient information on the death news of Regoli.

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