Who is Dirty Tay? Arrested, age and net worth of Lil Baby’s artist

Who is Lil Baby’s artist Dirty Tat? Why he has been arrested by police?

Well celebrities getting arrested becomes huge news usually as that gives TRP to the news outlets and even public is usually interested to hear what is happening in the life of celebrities. One such news has come our way, let us have a look at that piece of news. Dirty Tay is a rapper and music artist who has been arrested by the police. He is associated to the Lil Baby’s music label who released songs in collaboration with artists.

Who is Dirty Tay?

It is heard that Dirty Tay, who has signed Lil Baby. On August 3 this guy has been arrested because he has actually shot dead 3 years old kid on head. This case has actually happened the same day the guy shot the kid on his head. It was brutal murder to be very honest.

In this post we are going to cover details about this brutal murder and arrest case. This murder has made police levy some tough charges on Dirty Tay that includes criminal attempt to do murder, first degree cruelty on a child, and aggravated attack.

Dirty Tay Age

This rapper who is just 24 years old can have his career ended if this trial proves all the points against him as of now. He had no past records of crime but this set of multiple crimes can actually create harsh angle for the downfall of this growing career where his talent was appreciated a lot.

The kid was leaving with his father from a barber shop when this incident happened. He was taken quickly to the hospital after he was attacked on the head. First day in the hospital he was quite stable but then lost him life.

Why Dirty Tay arrested?

The police has not given exact details of the case till now. Dirty Tay has said that he is innocent via his videos all over the social media platforms. He has denied the charges straightly and has maintained innocence till now. He is bashing the allegations till now and we are waiting for updates.

The Dirty Tay’s net worth is $435K which he made from the music career. He is a young rapper and music artist who gained fans for his songs and music. Hope the rapper will get some relief in the case as he has been arrested of the police in shooting case.

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