Who is Dj Isa? latest video viral on Twitter and reddit

Dj Isa photos and videos are viral in the fans. What actually happened? know the full story here. 

Well, another day and we are here with another set of leaked videos. Sometimes it feels like we are sorry for the leak and sometimes it look intentional. We are here talking about legendary superstar Dj Isa who is also famous for being the father of Amapiano singer Lady Du. Also know the Dj Isa latest photos and videos which are highly viral on the fans. DJ Isa is a popular star on the Instagram with over 20K followers on the Instagram profile.

She is in news recently for a really sad video. She has even given an apology in public for the viral video where you can find him attacking his daughter. That might be a private moment of a father and daughter but when it goes public it hampers the image of celebrities usually. The fans on the social media reacted to the Instagram star for the leak content and video.

If you are active on Instagram then you can find this legendary DJ over there having lot of pictures where you can see them having joy of their life. There only she has submitted his apology. You can see her explain people about the video and you can find him telling that this video was actually sent to family members and was not at all there for the social media.

This has unfortunately been leaked and posted all over the social media platforms where the situation in that video is being analyzed and questioned to the embarrassment of this legendary superstar. According to him all the rumors making rounds are baseless and it was just filmed by him and his daughter in a lighter mood. Here you can see the singer saying she was poor since she was a child.

The intention of the video was totally different then the context it is being presented in the social media as of now. With a detailed explanation and clarification it is expected that this issue does not get more fire all over the social media. With unexpected leaks these celebrities are suffering much more nowadays very easily, without any doubt.

Also Dj Isa is active on other social media platforms like onlyf and Tiktok. She entertains fans by making song videos and clips. The more updates on this scandal will be shared soon.

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