Who is Ebi Nurse? Death Cause, Instagram, GoFundme

The creator of the NurseLifeRN has been passed away. This is the latest news which is breaking out on the social media. Ebi Nurse death news shared to the public on July 22, 2021. This is big tragedy news for the nursing community. According to news reports, he was diagnosed with the Leukaemia.

Ebi Nurse’s profession was nurse and his full name is Ebiowei Porbeni. He is mainly known in the public for founding the Nurselifern which is a Nurse recruitment and social media marketing agency. He was an experienced nurse, entrepreneur and good man. We covered the brief biography of Ebi Nurse here.

Who was Ebi Nurse?

Ebi Nurse was the creator of the Nurselifern which is a media company in the nursing community. He started this initiative in the year 2017. It was successful and appreciated by the community. The platform is being used by the millions of users from United States for different purposes.

Ebi Nurse was Malone University graduate in the bachelor’s degree in Nursing. He also worked on Pioneer coaching staff in the team. He had Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc) degree from the university.

Ebi was in the profession from the long 7 years. He was a kind and very honest man as per tweets being shared on the social media.

Ebiowei Porbeni Nurselifern

Nurselifern is an important innovation for the nursing community. This why everyone is showing respect to Ebiowei on the social media.

His death news confirmed by the different users on the social media. He died after a long battle with cancer. Everyone from the nursing field is mooring the death of Ebi. Users also posting messages to pay tribute to the man. Also a gofundme page was raised for him for collecting the donations. The money was for the treatment of the disease. Unfortunately, Ebiowei lost the battle of life against cancer.

Ebi was an amazing man. He made everyone laugh with his unique style and sarcastic comments.

How did Ebi die?

Ebi died of cancer on July 22, 2021. His death news gone viral on the web when users started posting the tribute messages on their profile. The friends and family are devastated after this shocking news. He passed away in Los Angeles, California. The funeral plans are not shared in the public. Family will soon release their official statements and comments on this tragic incident.

Ebi was also active in the sports activity. He used to play different games in University.

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