Who is Ethan Crumbley? Twitter on Oxford High School shooting


Ethan Crumbley was the lead accused in the recent action taken at Oxford High School. He attempted an attack on school students where eight were injured and three were killed. The people who got injured were devastated when this shocking incident happened in front of them. Officials had spotted Ethan Crumbley was 15-year-old and opened a case file against him because he killed Hanna St Julian, Madisyn Baldwin, and Tate Myre.

Who is Ethan Crumbley?

Ethan Crumbley was a sophomore student, when he attempted the murder attempt with a gun, police has surrounded him. Immediately Ethan raised his hands to surrender himself and hand over his gun. The gun is the model of “9mm Sig Sauer SP2022 Pistol” and this gun is captured with 7 rounds. Oxford school survivors are expressing their horrifying stories that happened over there.

Ethan Crumbley Arrested

After Ethan went into the custody of police he was charged with murder attempts, terrorism, and other firearm-related during the school shootings. This shooting incident happened when a fifth-grade exhibition was going on. In social media platforms, Ethan was evolved everywhere with a tag as “bespectacled boy”
Some source says that “the accused father had already used that gun four days ago on the Black Friday” and then the very next day, crumbly posted the gun photo followed by a caption that “Just got my new beauty today” by this official post he was officially alleged as an accused person.

Oxford High School shooting

According to the news report, officials say that Crumbley used to live in a home with his parents in a 1200 square-foot building which is less than a half-mile towards the east. Police had investigated his home and there were no clues or charges found.

When the school had conducted a competition for 5th-grade students, as a part of an event drawing competition was also conducted and this opportunity was taken by many students. Ethan Crumbley also participated in the painting competition which is represented by “poverty” and he applied a tagline that “I see people on the streets who are hungry and homeless, so I feel like to take action to complete their needs.”

Now Ethan was under a suicide watch followed by a standard operating procedure. After an entire investigation, officials gave a statement that was because of bullies experienced by him from other students. He attempted shooting with his father’s gun on students which had caused an incredibly disturbing trend.

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