Who is Genie Exum on only fans? Leaked photos, age and videos

Who Is Genie Delisee? Genie Exum Stab Her Boyfriend? Podcast Reveal

We are read many articles and content relating to stars and their conflicts with their partners, right? One such incident took place when last year Genie Delisee, an Instagram star, stabbed her boyfriend. There were a lot of allegations that took over this case. We are here to share all the information relating to the similar incident that took place a year ago and update you with what have happened after it. Stay with us till the very end.

Genie Delisee is a well-known Instagram model who has gained a lot of attention. After sharing her OnlyFans account on Instagram last year, the Instagram model became renowned. She was arrested for stabbing her partner, but she was released after being prosecuted in Manhattan Criminal Court. Shortly after her release, she posted a selfie of herself displaying her breasts in front of an NYPD police car.

The misleading between both the couples sparked a thing between them. Where Genie had no intention to take things to such a level, but apparently due to this accident she stabbed her boyfriend. Later after the investigation took place, it was clear that the intention of the star was to just threat. As the situation took spark, things became heated and this particular step arose. Genie apologized in the court explaining her situation. But having her contacts on, she got a bail very soon. Currently the couple aren’t together.

Their personal lives are still unknown. After the incident, things took change in various aspects. We are hoping to gather more information relating to them soon. Till then we can just say that, the case against Genie is now been settled. The couples don’t have any plan to come together. Their current work status remains unknown.

At the time of writing, Genie Exum has over 80K followers on the Instagram profile. She is an active model and photoshoot star who has posted number of pictures on her profile. Her fans are growing quickly on Tiktok and only fans platform. The total net worth of Genie Exum has been calculated as dollar 300K which she made from modelling and acting career from very young age.

Their current relationship status remains unknown. Stay tuned with us for more information. We will guide you through the information. Till then follow us with more amazing content about celebrities and their daily life.

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