Who is idkijustworkh11 twitter? Addison Rae leaked video

Addison Rae is a Tiktok star, dancer and popular personality who came into headines for leaked diss trac on social media. The latest leak of Addison Rae on Twitter made hype in the fans. What is the video and why it is viral in fans. As per reports, the leak news is not true and just a rumor spreading among users. Addison making a buzz because of Tiktok viral videos and content. She also played role in ‘He’s All That.’ The star is an actress, dancer and social media influencer. Because of viral content, her name is into trends.

Who is idkijustworkh11 twitter?

According to some users, some inappropriate was posted from this twitter account. Dozens of clips have been surfaced of the star. Most of them are the Tiktok clips, photos and content. idkijustworkh11 is the twitter account user with about hundred of followers. This is the profile where content was leaked. The username already reported by number of users. As of now, there is no post on timeline. Looks like the content has been removed from profile.

The team is investigating to find the user behind this account. Becuase of it the name of star Addison Rae come out in news.

Is Addison Rae video leaked?

Many users and fans reported that this is just a rumor and fake news on Twitter. The video which is leaked on social media is fake. Addison Rae is not in the video. This is not the first time when a celebrity star faced such type of controversy.

In the past, many tiktok stars faced such controversies. Addison is a star who was seen in the Tv shows and Netflix’s latest series ‘He’s All That.’ She is talk of town for her popularity and charming beauty.

Tiktok stars responds to these rumors

Tiktok star Dixie Damelio reponded to the fake news and rumors about star Addison Rae. The star is in trouble because of the controvery. She urged fans to report the fake content and accounts on Twitter. Addison is a big Instagram personality with over 40 million followers on Insta. The star’s net worth is also huge. She is a self-made star who influenced million on social media.

idkijustworkh11 is a Twitter account which shared a short clip claiming that girl in the video is Addison Rae.

Fact Check: The leak video of Addison Rae is fake and stories are just based on rumors.

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