Who is Ivan Begic? politician video surfaces on Twitter, Explained

Technology and social media have taken over almost everything. Owing to technological advancement, people have found a new way and medium to crime. We have reached a stage in our lives where we focus more on getting TRPs, spreading disturbing videos and messages through social media. The motive, aim of social media was to keep people connected and updated with each other’s’ lives, but today, people have started using this platform to spread hatred. All these platforms have become a means to share inappropriate videos and images.

We live in a place where we have seen and discussed the achievements of so many people, celebrities. Today, we are forced to discuss the inappropriate content leaked on various social media platforms. The leaked video is also posted and available on various websites.

Ivan Begic this name is again on the news. Last time, this name got highlighted all over the internet because this person is a known PDP councilor in the Assembly of the City of Banja Luka. Today, this name has turned into a hot topic.

With the videos going viral on various social media, this is on a discussion as he is one of the famous reputed public figures. People have been talking about this from various perspectives but things related to the same were clear when Ivan Begic himself came in front of us to discuss the same.

He stated that he was blackmailed regarding the same which had a severe effect on his personal life as well as on mental health. With this leaked video beginning viral things changed drastically and became worse than before.

The video was leaked to someone and later was shared with many journalists, reporters. This has been circulating on various groups and private chats where people were easily able to access the video.

As soon as Ivan Begic came to know about the video, he came in front to talk about the same. He later talked about the harassment and threats which he has been getting for months. He also clearly blames the opposition party for this disgusting act. Ivan also stated that the leaked video was also shared with his parents, owing to the same reason, their condition is miserable.

After the video surfaced on social media, the users are discussing it. It can affect the political career of Begic. No official statement yet arrived from the Begic’s side. The net worth of politician is not declared.

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