Who is Jaswant Singh Chail? Video & why was he arrested?


A video is going viral on social media now days. In this video a suspected man with name Jaswant Singh Chail is being viral and the man is arrested on Christmas Eve. The man is 19 years old masked man who in video threaten to assassinate Queen Elizabeth on Christmas Day. This is really a serious issue. The video is showing how the 19 years old man in his distorted voice was saying sorry for what he has done and what he will going to do. He will be going to kill queen of royal family for political reasons, this is what the assassinate means.

As per the investigations, suspect was in 500 diameters from queen private chamber. The 19 year old man was arrested from the Windsor grounds. According to the research, the man was in police custody within 24 minutes of pre- recorded video which has gone viral on snapchat on 24th December evening. We cannot see his face yet and not his face reveal by any media. The man is arrested under mental health act.

The incidence took place when Queen Elizabeth was taking her food before leaving to address mob for Christmas occasion. In the CCTV camera, the man was initially seeing walking along the outer fence with a rope ladder in Royal gardens. He then triggered the security alarms after breaking the castle grounds.

The identity of man is not known yet but he was saying that he will take the revenge of all those lives got lost in Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in 1919. And he further said that the revenge is also for those who have been treated wrong, discriminated according to their race.

According to the search investigation, one of his close friend identify him as Hindu Sikh, the Sith. Earlier he was known as Jaswant Singh Chail but now he changes his name to Darth Jones. He is assumed to be the native of Berkshire and could be belong to Sikh community.

The queen of Royal Family is safe and security is been tight around her.

He was arrested by the UK Police. Soon after he arrested, the news broke out on social media. Now everyone wants to know about his past life and family. Why he did this? The things will surely come out later after full investigation in this case. We will update the full story here after authenticating the facts. Check back again for more updates on AbsoluteGeneralNews.

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