Who is Justin Goolsby? Justice in Nevada Missouri shooting

Misunderstanding persists to greater damage, what are your thoughts? Recently, JusticeForJustin hashtag has been trending over several news channels and social media including TikTok. What exactly is the scenario?

Justin Goolsby was a 32 year old citizen of Nevada-Missouri. He was shot dead by a 62 years old grandpa who is also a Missouri citizen. This incident took place at a gas station.

When the police authorities investigated this case, they found out that both the victim and accused knew each other. The 62-year old grandpa named Steven San Vignolo allegedly blamed Justin for misbehaving with his granddaughter. Which is also the reason to fire up things between the two people. When Steven got the news that Justin, the very same evening, was going to a child-custody exchange, he apparently went over the gas station and shot him. Justin was taken for medical treatment, but sadly he didn’t survive the shot.

Netizens are blaming Steven because they didn’t recognize the reason portrayed by him appropriate for such a furious action. Things could have been softened by communicating or even with a mere apology. Justin went through some minor medical treatment, and died while nearing hospital in Nevada.

Currently, #JusticeForJustin is trending because netizens believe that Steven will be given a clean chit out of this gruesome action. Some are thinking that his age and intention will sympathize the judge to give him a warning. But as it is said, age is just a number, so why do neglect it during announcement of a crime? It is clean and clear that Steven has shot Justin, in-fact his intentions were to apparently murder him, which eventually happened. So, why shall Steven pled not guilty? Netizens don’t want the heat to go low, so they are rising up the number of posts all around social media in huge count.

Justin’s family is mourning, and people do not want to disturb them. Justin had a wife and family, for whom people have shared their condolences for the loss. The Missouri grandfather is currently held on no-bond hold. People are awaiting justice to be served while his hearing date is yet to be fixed.

The fatal shooting incident took place in Nevada. The people of city are demanding justice in this case on the social media. The news spread like fire on social media and now the people want police to take necessary action in it for justice to Justin.

Update: The above reporting based on the information retrieved from social media and web. The original post and Facebook story link is mentioned below. 

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