Who is Justine Faith Pido? Viral Video Scandal Explained

The latest buzz is the viral video of the personality Justine Faith Pido. Her video gone viral in the Philippines after it leaked online on social media. Who is Justine Faith Pido? Why the video is viral? She is a internet star and celebrity. Pido creates content for the fans and followers. But recently her explicit videos and photos became viral on the internet. This is very bad for any social media personality. It is unclear that how the clips and photos leaked online but fans criticized to those who sharing these explicit content to others.

Who is Justine Faith Pido?

Justine Faith Pido is a viral internet personality and social media influencer. A content creator from Philippines is in trouble because of the leak of private photos. Her official accounts have been closed right now because of some reasons.

Justine is a young girl and looks under the age of 20 years. She is minor and this is very serious if such scandal happens to young girl. She is also being criticized by the fans and followers for creating the inappropriate content. Her home is located in Philippines. She is a Filipino national. Also, she was a Tiktok and Insta popular personality.

Justine Faith Pido Viral Video

Soon after the leak of the videos and photos, she became viral on major social platforms like Reddit, Facebook and twitter. This is not the first time when this type of scandal happened in Philippines. Many famous personality faced the same trouble in the past.

We urge the users and readers to refrain from such activities. It is illegal to share and view any leak explicit content on the social media.

The official accounts of Justine Faith are closed this time. This is the latest scandal of the July 2021 month.

Social Media

Right now Justine Faith is the hot topic on the Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The different point of views can be seen on the discussions. Few are commenting in the support of the girl and few are criticizing her for such content.

Perhaps she uploaded these photos and clips accidentally and some user used it to share on social media.

Is this a drama to gain attention and fans? Nothing can be said for sure this time because the truth and official statements are yet to come out from the Justine Faith Pido’s side. The detailed story of the scandal will be updated here with facts.

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