Who Is Kevin’s Spouse within the Flash-Ahead on This Is Us?

This is us answered some important questions during the season five finale, but also left us a few more. After learning that Kevin is a father in the season three finale, it finally becomes clear that the mother of his twins is Kate’s best friend, Madison. While the two eventually get engaged, the season five finale reveals that they never really make it down the aisle. On their wedding day, Madison and Kevin have hearts to hearts and decide to call off the wedding. So that begs the question: who exactly is Kevin married to on Flash Forward?

In Flash Forward, we get a glimpse of Kevin’s kids when he hugs his son and daughter while visiting Rebecca. As he holds Rebecca’s hand, we also see a close-up of his wedding ring. Now that we know that he will not marry Madison, we have to wonder if this is a confirmation that he will eventually remarry his childhood sweetheart Sophie.

We all know Kevin’s great love was always Sophie, and that was pretty much confirmed in season five, episode 15. Though Kevin has doubts about his future with Madison, looking back shows that his future with Sophie has always been crystal clear to him. Although the two connect briefly on the phone, Kevin decides to delete her number for Madison to work. But is he really over Sophie? Her last interaction at Sophie’s mother’s funeral made it seem like her story wasn’t over. Maybe Kevin and Madison raise their children together and Kevin eventually finds his way back to Sophie, just like Miguel and Rebecca found their way back to each other later in life. The last season can’t come fast enough!