Who is Khuli Roberts? Death Cause, Age, Daughter and Husband

Khuli Roberts is a prominent actress in the film industry, she was notable for her every role that she acted in the movies. She was born on 16th December 1972. Apart from her acting career, she is also a seasoned lifestyle journalist as well as a great media personality. In South Africa, Khuli Roberts is well known as a beauty icon and famous fashion influencer. From a great influencer, she hosted many television shows and also presented several shows.

Khuli Roberts is a lovable person, being a host for many television shows her love towards her family and friends remained constant. In the huge South African entertainment industry, Khuli is one of the famous personalities who is till now recognized as an all-rounder media personality.

Coming to her career, Khuli worked as an editor for Drum Magazine, Beauty, and Fashion. In addition to this, she was also known as a columnist for “Sunday World” from 2008 to 2009 she was assigned as host for the show called “The Real Goboza” as this show continues with 2nd and 3rd seasons. In 2013 she hosted a famous show which is related to the celebrity gossip named “Headline”

Khuli was not single, she is married to Beyers Roberts and has 2 children. Her daughter’s name is “India Tembela” and her son’s name is “Laeun”. Laeun is a famous sportsman. Later she got divorced from her husband and their two children are staying with Khuli.

Apart from her personal life, Khuli Roberts did a show as co-host named “What not to wear” this show has telecasted on SABC2 television. After her mesmerizing skills as co-host, she got an offer as host in a breakfast show on Kaya FM.

Unfortunately, Khuli Roberts’s death confirmation news is revealed by her family on 9th February 2022. Till now there are no details and circumstances related to her death. Her family members and friends stated that Khuli is a woman who always stays active in life at any gathering. But some source of news says that Khuli’s death came due to a massive heart attack as she was now 49 years old.

After news of her death is circulating everywhere throughout the internet. Khuli’s family members requested privacy and prayers during these hard times of healing and grieving. Deep condolences and may all the strength and love go to her family.

The famous actress death cause has been now revealed in public. Fans paid tribute to the actress on social media.

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