Who is Kit Thompson girlfriend? Ana Jalandoni Age and Instagram

Kit Thompson Girlfriend Ana Jalandoni Relationship and Age

Kit Thompson’s young age actress girlfriend, Ana Jalandoni, was just rescued after being wounded by her boyfriend. Ana Jalandoni is a well-known actress who starred in the film Sleazebag Cheaters. The actress is famous for her relationship with Kit Thompson.

All of Ana and Kit’s admirers were enthralled by their love storey. Until the most recent occurrence, the couple was regarded as one of the industry’s perfect pairings. Jalandoni sought help after she was allegedly detained and injured by her hubby. There’s more to this actress’s backstory.

Ana Jalandoni is a famous Filipino actress who is famous for her relationship with Kit Thompson. Despite her youthful look, she has kept her birth date hidden from the public eye. At this time, Jalandoni’s precise age is unclear. As a result, the age difference between the actress and her partner Kit is unclear.

Thompson, in any scenario, will have to be 25 by 2022. Ana is in her early twenties and is at least five feet and five inches tall. Because Ana has kept her personal information secret, her information might be wrong. Furthermore, she recently made headlines after allegedly being hurt by her lover.

There are no other authentic names for the actress than Ana Jalandoni. She used her partner Kit Thompson’s real name, Keith, when she approached her friend for help. Jalandoni doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. Her IMDb page, on the other hand, has a biography of her.

The actor was born and reared in the Philippines, where she got her start in the industry. In 2020, she will appear in “Sleazebag Cheaters,” and in 2021, she will appear in “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be a P******.” Ana Jalandoni got freed from actor Kit Thompson’s grasp. When Kit allegedly wounded her, the actress sought assistance from a friend, according to the allegations.

Ana and Thompson’s conflict is presently circulating the internet, with Ana’s fans unwilling to accept it. The photographs on Jalandoni, as well as the screenshot of the discussion, were widely disseminated on the internet.

During the argument, Ana said, “Please assist me; please contact the authorities!!! Keith is about to obliterate me!!!” The two musicians are becoming embroiled in the quarrel while the inquiry is continuing.

When the most recent occurrence involving Ana and Kit happened, it sent shudders through their admirers. People had thought they were one of industry’s perfect couples until recently when Jalandoni sought help after alleging that her hubby detainment injured her too much for him to work anymore.

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