Who is Kristin Elise? Fired as Colts cheerleader over pics on reddit

It is really sad when someone judge you for immorality of your personal life with professional one, right? Kristin Elise, an onlyf user who use to serve as Colts (NFL) cheerleader was fired for something that wasn’t natural. Kristin for fired because an online fan of her leaked her personal photo from online portal on internet. Later the public started sharing the photo on other social media such as Twitter and Reddit.

Kristin Elise Age

Kristin Elise is 28 years old and a resident of Texas. Sadly, she lost her job as a NFL cheerleader for Indianapolis Colts team. She was depressed after been fired because she can no longer cheer her team. This was pretty unnatural because it wasn’t her fault for her photos been leaked out. Apparently the user was approached but the result was nothing.

Kristin Elise photos on web

Her photos were shared extensively on internet which resulted in her to lose her job immediately. Kristin stated how much she loved cheering her team. Even though the platform is particularly only for users who have subscribed, it isn’t a matter of them leaking out. It wasn’t her fault. She was just trying to earn some extra bucks from an exclusive online portal.

Kristin shared that “When I was fired from my job, it’s one thing to feel like a failure as an individual. But on top of that feeling there is this constant awareness that everyone else can see what you’ve done wrong and how embarrassed or ashamed they make people feel for being associated with your actions and even if those associations weren’t necessarily their intention when getting involved in whatever situation caused outing yourself.

The experience has shaped who am now and more open about myself than ever before; working towards building bridges rather then walls despite continued setbacks due possibly leak Snapchat photos during last season”.

Why is she fired?

This expresses how sad she is on the reason been fired for something she haven’t done. But this hasn’t disappointed her. She decided to move forward as she realized she will not be able to cheerlead in the NFL tournament again (until the team decides to). So Kristin has decided to step out for her modelling career and take it on another level. On 14th February, Valentine Day, she kept a long post sharing her thoughts and encouraging people towards modelling and taking care of their physical and metal health.

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