Who is Mohamed Konate? Arrested in shooting of Edgewater, NJ Shooting

Three men arrested in the case of Edgewater, NJ Shooting

Well shooting and killing is being a more frequent type of incidents nowadays all over the world and especially the United States of America. These cases are increasing rapidly and people are finding it hard to live peacefully nowadays as the stress level is getting high as not a single person knows who is next. This kind of kills people in a very regular basis. This post covers one such story. Mark Musella the very known prosecutor of Bergen County has actually announced the death of Mohamed Konate. He has been apparently charged for attempt to murder along with Jeffrey Valdez and Antoine Boyd. This has been one of the terrible unlawful incidents to have happened recently in the city of New York.

These three are actually listed as unemployed people and also are in charge of unlawful possession of weapons due to which they are charged by the court of city of New York. These three guys are now arrested by trusting reports of investigation that was done by Mark Musella, the prosecutor of Bergen County. It was done under the lawful direction of Jason love the Chief of the police department and also under the lawful eyes of another chief Donald Martin.

This case was opened on 22nd of June, 2022 after the police department of Edgewater got many calls in their 911 number and the shots getting fired consistently was reported in this case near a suburb of Edgewater. Then as soon as this report came, the police officers went to the spot to find Tione Merrit dead. This person had many wounds due to the many gunshots faced by the person. The investigation was quickly conducted and things were getting revealed thanks to the hard work of the police department. This case has been resolved now.

Three men who, according to reports from the Bergen County prosecutor’s office are in charge of unlawfully owning weapons and amassing large quantities marijuana. All three were charged with various crimes when they were arrested by Mark Musella on behalf-of law enforcement officers around New York City area last week; this came after an investigation into their illegal activities that spanned over six months time period.

When the police officers arrived at this scene, they found Tione Merrit dead with multiple bullet wounds to his body. Check back for more updates at AbsoluteGeneralNews.

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