Who is Monae Alvarado? Adriel Alvarado Death and Obituary

Who are Adriel Alvarado Jr and Monae Alvarado. Get all the details in this post. 

If you look around these days, then you will find that the number of crimes has increased all over the world. The crimes are always creating problems all around the globe. If you check out the social media channels then you will see such news every now and then. Now these things are getting hard to stop that is why we are seeing a lot of news around that topic. As the whole social media is full of these news, sometimes these news are also becoming the reason of depression among many people. Usually these types of news are something that creates controversy. Here we are covering about the death of Adriel Alvarado and the news has stunned the whole of Pennsylvania and obviously the people around the world who knows him.

Who are Monae and Adriel Alvarado?

Monae Alvarado, a transgender woman who served time in prison and was diagnosed with gender identity disorder (GID) according to some reports. Adriel is the partner of Monae. Her story shines light on the struggles faced by many trans people behind bars and highlights how they are vulnerable to misuse existing laws designed specifically for their protection. Adriel Alvarado was arrested as he was a gangster and he has completed his six-year punishment for weapon possession in jail.

The death of Adriel Alvarado

This guy died when a group of unidentified people came to shot two police officers actually in the northeast part of Philadelphia. The details would be covered in this post but that has been one of the highly shocking incident that the world is unable to understand at the present moment. This shocking news has not only shocked his family and friends but also the whole world that see this incident as a show of easy crimes being carried out all over the world.

Adriel Alvarado Obituary

As this situation was not expected at all, the police has set up an enquiry regarding this incident to find out more details about it so that the investigation can proceed further and justice is served in the country of United States of America. There was no clue or information that this time of crime was going to happen in the city when this crime took place and gunmen have actually escaped the scene and the search is going.

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