Who is morganthef4g on tiktok? Real name Morgan Bradley

Been a non-binary is totally fine. One such incident of public expression came out recently. A TikTok user with the handle @morganthef4g, considerably likes to be stated as ‘they’, ‘them’, stating that they are non-binary. His name raised in the new controversy. In one of the video posted recently, Morgan has expressed something which made him targeted by the number of users on Tiktok.

The real name behind the TikTok account handle @morganthef4g is Morgan Bradley. They have been publishing videos on TikTok since a long time having almost 85.1 thousand followers and 3.5 million all videos combined views. This sound enormous right? They have been active since a long time and have followed 4828 people. But currently their account is set on private mode hiding all the videos from public. This could be to avoid comments and feedback on their video after this incident.

Social media wild fire spreads faster than blink of eye. Users started to bash Morgan after this incident. One TikTok user @ur4liferbaby has tagged Morgan and quoted, “don’t leave us hanging.”

Morgan has picked up his guard after posting a video which created a new controversy on social media. People around internet are judging him and posting sarcastic stuff all-around. We don’t have much information about Morgan except his real name i.e. Morgan Bradley. They have a good active following with 85 thousand followers and post regular videos. But after the above mentioned incident, they have turned their TikTok account into private mode.

There is an Instagram account with the same handle @morganthef4g, but we are yet to confirm that it belongs to the same person. We don’t have any information relating the other social media accounts of Morgan such as Facebook or Twitter. As well as there is no much bio-relating information of Morgan currently. The account is already taken down by the Tiktok because of controversy.

Social media users have been quick to lash out at Morgan after this incident, with some using the opportunity as an excuse for their own slights and insults. One TikTok user @ur4liferbaby posted a video of himself ranting about how disgusting it is that we can’t trust him anymore before tagging other things. More facts on the story soon.

morganthef4g got the few fans followers and support on Tiktok and Insta for the videos and funny content. But the latest recent controversy involved the cops and the content creator may face legal actions by the police.

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