Who is Naome Horter? Yannick Agnel swim champ (photos/Instagram)


The news has been circulating over the social media about Naome Horter and Famous swimmer Yannic Agnel. The news is related to the Naome Horter Sexual harassment. And she has been assaulted by Yannic news. Does this news is rumor? Or this news is true? Yannick Agnel is a known swimmer who won medals in Olympics. Let’s just find out with this article.

Yannick Agnel Olympics swimmer

Yannic Agnel is the French Swimmer who won two gold medals at 2012 Olympics. He has admitted about his sexual relationship with one of his Coach’s Daughter Minor, Naome Horter. Yannic is now a retired professional swimmer and three time’s Olympic medalist. He has earned gold medals in 200-meter, 4100 meter free relay. He has also earned silver and bronze medals. He earned silver medal in 4200 meter freestyle relay in 2012 summer Olympics. The summer Olympics was held in London. Apart from them he has world record in 400 meter freestyle and in European mark in 800 meter freestyle. He has also made national history in 200 and 400 meter freestyle.

Yannick Agnel charges

Yannic has admitted the charges on him and making relation with the minor girl of 13 years after he get arrested after sexual assault case by police. According to the news, he slept with the 13 years old Naome in 2016. Naome Horter is the daughter of Yannic former swimming coach Lionel Horter. There is no more details about the minor girl. She may be around 20 now. Yannic further admitted that he was 24 years old at that time when he had relationship with her. The prosecutor Edwige Roux-Morizot claims that the Frenchman that he has not forced the girl for that but legally this comes under sexual assault as there is age gap between the two.

Yannick sentenced to jail

According to the France government law, it says that sex with a child under the age of 15, it is considered as a rape. If Yannic Agnel found guilty for this crime, he will be sentenced to jail for upto 20 years, which may affect his swimming career. Even the Swimming Federation has confirmed that they will be going to take civil action on this.

Naome Horter Instagram

Naome Horter is now a young girl and her age is 24 years now. Yet we have not found her verified Instagram profile. Also no pictures of Naome Horter can be found on social media. Her identity and accounts are kept private. More facts on the news will be soon here.

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