Who is Noemi Zamacona? Van Jones welcomes baby girl together

Van Jones is the popular CNN host and welcomed the third baby with his friend Noemi Zamacona. Who is she? Why Noemi is in the news? Noemi and Van Jones decided to become “conscious co-parents” and together they raised this little girl in the best environment possible, all while maintaining their individual identities as well. Van Jones is a married CNN host whose wife name is Jana Carter. The couple has two kids: Mattai Jones and Cabral Jones. Van Jones opened about when talking to TMZ interview. He informed of his family plans and decision which made during lockdown.

Who is Noemi Zamacona?

The Emmy Award-winning actor feeling “grateful” and very happy to welcome a daughter in family. He will grow his child as co parenting partners Noemi Zamacona.

Noemi Zamacona is currently working as the Monitor at the Los Angeles County Office of Inspector General (OCOIG). She monitors conditions in one of America’s largest jail systems. As part her responsibilities she reviews records and interviewed individuals to determine how well-run jails are from both internal perspectives as well as external oversight by inspectors general or other officials like U sterile attorney generals who investigate cases. She revealed more about her professional life and career on LinkedIn profile.

Van Jones partner and family

Van Jones is married to Jana Carter. He is a happily married man who have two kids. Now he welcomed the third child with partner Noemi Zamacona. He officially shared this great news when talking to TMZ.

Noemi Zamacona is a co-parenting example of how committed couples should interact with one another. She recently made news after her relationship with Van Jones, CNN commentator and friend for over three decades came to light; it was revealed that they are both involved in separate households but still work together as parenting partners towards their daughter.

More facts about Noemi Zamacona

Zamacona’s love for reading and writing led to her passion of being an advocate. She attended the University of California, where she graduated with a Bachelor in Arts degree in psychology before obtaining custodial care experience during college.

Zamora’s interest grew into obsession when one day while browsing through some books on soul-searching techniques. After graduating from university not only did this young woman find employment opportunities within probation services but also found that there were more ways than ever possible explore storytelling mediums like novels which would allow them all sorts creative outlets perfect excuses.

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