Who is Nya Sigin? After Video trend, gofundme support raised

Racism is a very bad crime that brings sorrow and sadness inside the person, right? One such incident of racism was seen raging on social media this afternoon. Nya Sigin a student at Prior Lake High School tried to commit suicide after been bullied by 2 students. The video was widely shared and criticized for its unnatural content. Jayden Kewley and Jaelyn Crook, two blond students (mostly from same school) are found bullying Nya Sigin, later we have received the news of her committing suicide, which gladly was an unsuccessful attempt.

Nya Sigin is a 18 years old student from Prior Lake High School located in in Savage, Minnesota, United States. She is a girl with black complexion, which is totally alright. She is an American native citizen, and have all rights to be treated like an equal. But destiny isn’t valued with people of great intend. Nya was bullied for her dark complexion and she felt so sad that she tried committing suicide.

Jayden Kewley and Jaelyn Crook are the students who were found guilty for bullying Nya Sigin. It is truly a wrong gesture. This incident was captured and shared on social media. Users of social media have shared the incident and dropped down their ragging thoughts on against the video. The main purpose of using social media is to connect with people socially. But this incident brings up the harsh reality of many students like Nya who faces racism once in a while. Even though Nya is a strong intend girl, but sometimes we just lose our patience and drop down our guard taking up wrong steps.

The video was shared on social media stating that 2 blond girls are harassing and humiliating a black student (Nya Sigin). The news later shared was about the fail attempt of Nya committing suicide. School faculty and concerned department has rose up taking action against this action. They have intimated the family of the accused and relating actions are to be taken soon. We hope that no such incident or behavioral torture is faced by anyone else.

A gofund me page has been raised for the support of the teen and family. Many came forward in support of Nya Sigin after the video trend.

The clip, which was posted on social media in late March 2017 by user @Nya Sigin has been viewed more than 4 million times since then with hundreds commenting about how wrong they think it is for people to make fun or be racist towards others regardless if you know them personally.

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