Who is Paige Milian? Age, Parents and Instagram Profile

The latest news which is coming out this week is the new girlfriend of the sport player Raheem Sterling. He is a famous football player and got into the headlines because of the partner and girlfriend. His current partner name is Paige Milian whose pictures are now shared on the social media and her Instagram account is also exposed in the fans. Who is Paige Milian? And when Raheem and Paige started dating each other. Get all you queries answered in this interesting post on the Paige Milian. She is a big fan of the football game.

Who is Paige Milian?

Paige Milian is the girlfriend of the Engaland team Football player Raheem Sterling. She is grabbing all fans attention because of the recently revealed pictures on the social media. Raheem playing the Euro 2020 tournament for the England team. The Jamaican player started the career from Queen Park Rangers. In the mean time, he won many titles and awards in the game.

Paige Milian is a British model who met with Raheem in London. She also seen on the magazine covers and photoshoots. She is a young 26-years old model from UK. Her birth place is London.

Paige Milian With Raheem Sterling

Paige lives in the London and she met with Raheem first time in the city. It is unclear since how long they are dating each other. Both refrained to share any kind of information and relationship commitment on the social media profiles. But as per rumors both are in the strong bond and relationship. They might announce their relationship and engagement soon to the fans. Paige is 26 years old and born in 1995. Sterling is also 26 years old player.

Her nationality is Indo American and spending her time in the New Mexico home. She loves traveling and photoshoot at new places.

Net Worth and Job

Paige Miliian’s instagram account crossed the 87.5K subscribers. She got a boost on the social media popularity after the engagement with the Raheem Sterling. She is also a YouTuber and uploads the photoshoot and vlog clips to the channel. She does multiple jobs to earn the living.

Paige’s net worth isn’t calculated. She is a strong working lady who is making fans family on the social media.

She is the mother of one kid as this is confirmed from the pictures shared on her profile. She proudly introduced her child to her fans and public.

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