Who is Quiero Agua? video shared on reddit, The Cartel Killer Clown

Know the The Cartel Killer Clown Quiero Agua Video on social media

Now there is a piece of news about a highly disturbing video and it cannot be ignored. This time the news is about a highly disturbing video of Quiero Agua Cartel has been making rounds and has catch the people’s mind given its very odd nature and people finding it really awkward. This has actually made people question about the video a lot and you cannot imagine about that because this disturbing video has actually disturbed people a lot already. That seems to be a strong torture as far as the verdicts of the people who watched the video is concerned as of now.

It is heard that Fabian Urbino Morales has actually created a real mess. The evil environment created by Fabian Urbino Morales is highly confusing in nature and has actually made people of Aguililla, Michoacan to have high concerns and talk about it. Still it is heard that he was not the clown here and he has got some companions to help him with the terror activities. This is again highly disturbing given that it was done by a group of people and not some single mind and it might be hard to crack them all out.

If you look at Reddit then you will see Quiero Agua Cartel has actually got the video and has shared over there on how the cartel killer clowns have actually managed to torture people all around. The person and his buddies and companions have actually preferred to wear masks and wigs and then they went on to generate terror among the people around them. That has been actually a highly horrible incident and every single person who knows about it are complaining a lot all over the social media. This situation needs to be addressed properly, without any doubt at all.

Quiero Agua Cartel has revealed the truth behind these terrifying killer clowns. The person who posted this video on Reddit claims they are part of an organized crime ring known as “Thecartels,” and their masks make them look like quarterbacks or other professions people would find intimidating to go near in order avoid any violence done towards you by way it’s wearer. Makes sense right? The sheer number of individuals involved in this crime makes it difficult to pinpoint who might have done what. Get more news at AbsoluteGeneralNews.

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