Who is Rachel Conger? Found or Missing? Is She Dead or Alive?

The strange death of a wonderful parent in 2008, stunned the small town of France, Tennessee, with far more lingering questions. A forensic analyst investigated the matter several years ago in an attempt to assuage those fears. ‘Mysteries, Lying & Personal Eye sockets: The Watchers as well as the Horsemen,’ half from Investigations Entertainment’s ‘Mysteries, Lying & Personal Eyes: The Watchers and the Highwayman,’ dive into just how Amy Gadd pursued new clues and questioned those concerned.

Rachel Conger was born in October in the year 1977. The loving 17-years was engaged to Paul Conger just a moment after the tragedy and had a little child, Amber. The woman was also seen with her hubby in his car somewhere in Paris on the evening of March 13, 2008. Amber learned her mom is nowhere to be found in the apartment at 11:30 p.m., and she was subsequently taken, hostage. The investigators found that on March 13, about 9:30 a.m., one of Rachel’s colleagues contacted her cellphone, but Paul answered it. The individual thought Paul was angry and didn’t need to talk with Rachel at the moment. Paul has been seen at his house around a couple of hours later. Rachel wasn’t seen nor spoken from that after that. After a full examination, officials were unable to find her or her body.

When Rachel went away, there used to be a lot of conjecture that Paul has much to do with her disappearance. The marriage had divided up around 2 months before the occurrence, and Leah had gone out. They are, nevertheless, attempting to reconcile. Amber reportedly claimed that Paul is violent and it had previously hit his mom. Paul’s brother, Richard, concurred that Paul had a wave of anger, as per episode. Paul mysteriously disappeared after becoming spotted at his residence that morning. Shortly afterward, alarmed relatives searching for the pair discovered Paul in a nearby park. He perished of a severed artery that appeared to be ego. Investigators found Paul’s box truck outside the house the week before, on March 15. Rachel’s purse, phone, and prescription were all there.

According to the police, Paul murdered Rachel and afterward shot him, rendering it a killing scenario. Amy followed up on various clues that led to Rachel’s possible whereabouts just on a program, and they all proved to be empty spaces. Amber, on the other hand, feels positive about discovering what occurred to her mom. Regardless of the fact that the investigation has gone cold, the police have maintained that the investigation is still ongoing.

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