Who is rowoon sf9? Star got trouble after controversial statement


Kim Seok Woo who is better known in industry as Rowoon. 24 years old Rowoon is a South Korean singer, actor and model. He is the lead singer of the K pop boy band SF9. Recently, Rowoon put himself in problem after passing through a statement related to vaccination. Due to his statement he puts whole SF9 agency under problem.

The incident was take place on this Thursday, 25th November when he went online to do interaction with his fans in Video Call Fan Sign Event, “SF9 Rowoon’s Photo Essay [Me, Another Me]. One of his fans asked him about the status of the vaccination. Rowoon simply denied and said that he is not vaccinated yet. This statement leads his fans sad. He further stated in the conversation that he had not time for vaccination. He further said that he had heard that you have to take rest of at least for two days after the vaccination. He had been undergoing PCR test in every two days.

This statement soon turns into criticism and matter of concern because Rowoon is currently active with multiple projects like SF9, KBS drama ‘The King’s Affection’ and many other projects too. In entertainment industry, covid-19 cases are still an issue.

After passing a statement Rowoon getting dishearten comments over the social media. One of his fans posted on twitter that ‘Rowoon is showing carelessness in vaccination. He is busy that does not mean that he cannot be vaccinated. He should plan accordingly and properly. He should give first priority to his health. FNC just putting lame excuses on vaccination’.

Soon getting negative comments, FNC come forward and clarify Rowoon statement. He passes the statement that Rowoon has already taken the appointment for vaccination. But his drama schedule cannot be adjusted on other time, so he is able to get vaccinated. But we are working and trying to take out some time from middle of his work for vaccination. We soon want that he should be vaccinated. And ask fan to remove this misunderstanding and apologize for the event and assure them to do best possible ways to protect our artist.

After receiving negative comments for not filling out his vaccination card, Rowoon felt disheartened. One of the singer’s fans posted on twitter saying that he is showing negligence by getting vaccines without carelessness. One day after seeing these social media posts about himself and being criticized as if they were direct quotes from someone else when actually its just their opinion.

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