Who is Sarah Noel Suggs Langham High School Arrested

Former Langham Creek HS teacher charged for se$$al relationship with student after parents find texts, ‘hickies’ on son’s neck, police say

If the recent reports are to be believed there is some news regarding a former teacher at Langham Creek High School. She was an English teacher. As of now, she is charged by the police after the investigators have already confirmed that she has slept with one of her students who are male.

The charge against Mrs. Suggs

The name of the teacher is Sarah Noel Suggs is a 47-year-old lady. She is charged with a serious assault as the child was below 17 years of age when this incident happened. She was employed in her role since 2005.

The district police started their investigation process as soon as the 15 years old student’s parents filed a serious complaint full of genuine-looking allegations. This disturbing information came to the notice of the parents not so long back as soon as they checked the message of their child. This information created havoc in their mind as their child had suffered. Even the court recorded the messages and calls present on the phone as reasonable proof against that English teacher. The teen also admitted to this incident. According to the child, this incident took place on December 10, 2021, with his English teacher. The incident according to him took place inside the vehicle with Mrs. Suggs.

The child said that initially things were just only like a normal conversation but then things escalated quickly before he could think anything. They connected via the school program Remind 101, and this incident happened in a gradual manner. That service was for students and teachers to communicate and the actual communication happened in a terrible way. It happened from just wanna meet up to getting assaulted inside the car of the English teacher. This happened when the child was playing Call of Duty with his friends and the teacher called him.

Sarah Noel Suggs Arrested

The teacher has been arrested by the police. When the 15-year old student’s parents found that his phone was filled with chats about devil worship, they filed a serious complaint which led to an investigation by local law enforcement.
The police started looking into it as soon as there were messages and rituals in this person’s inboxes. These disturbing findings came up not long ago when he checked. The parents will release their official statement soon.

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