Who is Sean Wainui wife Paige Wainui? Net Worth, Family

Monday morning becomes the last morning to the Super Rugby star today. Yes, chief’s Winger Sean Wainui died in the tragic car accident on Monday. The accident took place near Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty region. He was just 25 years old rising player who played for 10 times till now for the Maori All Blacks. He was about to grow in his professional career and games. The sports fans are mourning on his death news.

The very sad news is confirmed and reported by the Bay of Plenty police. The 25 years old player hit a tree while travelling through the Omanawa on Newzeland North’s Island. The police reported whole incident and later on gave the statement that one person died in single vehicle accident. Later on Newzeland Rugby identify the victim as Sean Wainui. The incident took place at around 7:50 AM on Monday morning.

If we highlight on the early life of Sean Wainui, he was the member rugby union player. He was born on 23rd October 1995, in McLaren Falls. Wainui also represent Newzeland on the World level after playing alongside of Newzeland team under the 20 Rugby World Cup.

Sean was married to Paige Wainui and was the father of two children Kawariki and Arahia. This incident leads his family broken. His wife posted one photo on instagram in which both were holding each other hand. She way conveying one message that she is broken and she is right here always and forever. The black and white picture was showing the Sean distinct tattoo. The duo was married last year in September. The Sean’s fans supported family on Instagram and also made go fund me page to raise the funds for the cause. The familt suffered a big loss of losing beloved one.

Many players are showing soulful tribute to the player. The CEO of Newzeland Rugby Mark Robinson, tribute to player and give statement of providing full support to the family especially his daughters at this very difficult time. The All Blacks released its statement saying an inspiration to the player and he will always be remembered forever. Many of his fans were posting distressful comments and paying tribute to the pure soul to the player. Fans are reacting to this heartbreaking news through the Twitter.

Let his family may get over from this very loss and stand together to face this situation. All latest sports updates and news here on Absolutegeneralnews.com.

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